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Acrylic Painter
Nature & Landscape


Artist Maureen E Clark

"Her art is expressive and reflective with playful colors that seem to defy the urban ciaos.  The movement of line and shape seem to create movement within the canvas itself with flowing imagery... her unique sense of color resonates a playful beauty." 

Evans, Anne 

Co-Founder & Director for The Metroprenuer & Columbus Underground

Columbus, Ohio, United States

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The paintings are a mix of landscape and nature inspired works. Painted in multiple layers, starting broad and ending with more detailed impressions. Brushstrokes are applied thick and loose, with emotion and intent. The application of the brushstrokes, intended to convey movement within the canvas itself; with multiple layers of color to create depth and light. With a painting technique that is emotionally charged and passionate, therefore each work is a different experience.


The works depict a particular view and perception of color, developed from daily observations and studies. Challenging the eye to question what is actual being seen. Taking away the association with an object (a person or thing to which a specified action or feeling is directed), in order to see only the light, color and movement. With nature and life, there currently is and will continue to be, constant challenges and change.  No one thing is ever viewed the same, it is forever changing. Light, color and movement alters in every painting, just as one painting itself evolves when viewed multiple times.


With my murals, personal, commission, and gallery work; I seek to express the chaos or darkness of our environments with light and color. Being present in nature and even viewing nature in local urban settings creates a calming space; with cognitive benefits, building resilience and providing a sense of hope.

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