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Available for purchase 4ft x 4ft Wooden Panel Diptych Mural © 2020 Maureen E Clark Art


SOLD 11" x 14" Columbus fine artist Mylesant Lopez, painted for the "Columbus Women on Women Show" in the Franklinton Arts District. © 2016 Maureen E Clark Art


SOLD Deep set lines suggest a roughness in existence. Life difficult to lead, with lies and manipulations while hiding from oneself. It shows the ugly truths faced when seeking light. The body shows struggles, and aging. Because of that the skin holds years of deceit and disappointment, hard decisions made through clenched jaw. However the eyes hold within them the soul of the boy who traveled to pursue a dream. The vision of the promise of a nation, held within a hopeful gaze into the future.

Portrait of Cognizance

ORIGINAL AVAILABLE 14" x 18" Self Portrait © 2014 Maureen E Clark Art

Harlequin in Rouge

ORIGINAL AVAILABLE 14" x 18" The truths that separate from the conventional come to life in the dark. Let go and out, see the alleyways though the eyes of the players of night. A strange, charmingly gritty street circus: to explore with unhindered enthusiasm. Throw off all oppression or restrictions, dance in the glowing flash of now. © 2014 Maureen E Clark Art

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